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Dr Nixon’s patient services

"Where there is a love of medicine, there is a love of humanity”

Dr Nixon is a senior consultant clinical oncologist, with over 20 years of experience in cancer care. She specialises in the treatment of people with a sarcoma or GIST diagnosis with chemotherapytargeted therapiesimmunotherapyradiotherapy, and clinical trials. 

She is passionate about person-centered care and to this end became  a Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in the USA, and a Certified Coach,  to enable her to offer personalised, and holistic care to her patients.

She provides a range of medical and coaching services for patients at her physical clinic and via telemedicine/online.

Conditions she treats are:

  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas
  • Bone Sarcomas

Dr Nixon also sees patients for a second opinion.

What is a second opinion?
Dr Nixon will conduct a consultation to assess your diagnosis or treatment plan. This involves review of critical information about your tumour, such as biopsies and scans, and /or further tests if these are thought necessary to confirm a diagnosis or attain more information.

Dr Nixon’s approach is person-centered, compassionate, and holistic. To hear what patients say about Dr Nixon’s care, click here.



Are you a patient seeking advise on treatment for sarcoma or GIST diagnosis, and/OR a second opinion?
Are you someone diagnosed with cancer and want to regain control and confidence? Have you completed treatment and want to feel empowered and under control?

Dr Nixon offers both face to face and online appointments.

Ross Hall clinic
221 Crookston Road, Glasgow, G52 3NQ

 In her medical clinic Dr Nixon offers:

  • Cancer screening and genetics testing.
  • A rapid investigation of symptoms that might be those of cancer.
  • If required a comprehensive panoply of relevant blood tests and imaging/scans and endoscopies.
  • If required a tissue biopsy analysis for standard and genetic testing.
  • A full report of all the tests explained to you in English (meaning non-medical terms) and a personalized plan for you.
  • Introductions to relevant super-specialist (surgeon and/or physician) appropriate for the best therapy available.
  • Overview of the treatment path through every step with an explanation of progress and any problems that might arise.

Online Clinic / Telemedicine with Dr Ioanna Nixon

If you do not want to travel to Dr Nixon’s clinic, then she can provide a medical video call service.

The Empower Clinic

From diagnosis, through treatment, to survivorship, no matter where you are on the cancer journey, online coaching can help. In the Empower Clinic, Dr Nixon combines her deep knowledge on cancer management with her coaching skills to support you through cancer and beyond, to feel empowered and in control. You can improve your wellbeing, your resilience to feel better during and beyond cancer. All from the comfort of your own environment! To learn more, click here.



“If you are looking at this page, you or a beloved one might be diagnosed with cancer, and you are seeking information on this disease. Being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating news for the patient and family. Information on the condition, and all options is key to make informed choices. As an oncologist it is my duty to support you with the information you need on your condition, while at the same time keeping your needs at the heart of what I do; you are a person, not a disease’.
Dr Ioanna Nixon


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