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Do you feel drained and exhausted by the pace of life?


Are you struggling to find a balance for competing demands of work and personal life? Do you yearn for a better balance to enjoy life, while achieving high performance and career success?


Do you have a chronic condition and want to better understand your symptoms. Do you wish to feel the best you can, empowered to live a healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life?


Have you been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing cancer treatment? Are you a cancer survivor and want to gain back control and confidence?


Are you on the edge of burnout and need to rise again?

Are you an employer wanting to support employee and team wellbeing, resilience, to prevent burnout, increase job satisfaction and meet high performance targets in competitive market?



Hello, my name is Ioanna Nixon, and I am a Doctor with many years of experience in cancer management, an Educator, and a Coach. As a Doctor and a Coach, fuelled by my passion to prevent disease, alleviate symptoms, and help people live heathy, long lives, I combine my deep knowledge of medicine, and prevention, with my coaching skills to help others optimise their health, balance, wellbeing, and resilience.

I am the Founder of The Empower Clinic, an online forum marrying medical, science-based knowledge and coaching, where coaching by doctors, who are also coaches, is finally realised! This to support anyone who wishes to understand health, disease, and prevention, improve their wellbeing, and achieve life-style long-lasting changes to transform their lives. In the Empower Clinic we are connecting the dots, creating coaching opportunities for people and teams, tailored to their unique needs.

My many years of experience treating disease, and my research work on people with chronic disease lived experience identified this big gap in terms of support, information and education for people on how to stay well and prevent disease, and also how to manage symptoms and be well in the presence of a disease.

My mission is to help and support anyone with ill-health, including cancer, through evidence-based education and practical tools to improve their wellbeing and resilience and feel empowered and in control.



Hello, my name is John and I am a Orthopaedic Doctor, Surgeon and a Wellness and Resilience Coach. I am passionate about the human body and its amazing abilities to move efficiently, heal effectively and affect our inner self. Through my medical training I have become an ardent believer in prevention as a way of improving our quality of life.

As a coach I have found a fiery interest in helping people find their lost resilience, help them find their desired path by being the lighthouse in troubled seas.

I am a practicing martial artist, and a former competitive sportsman and like utilising my medical knowledge, including management of people with chronic conditions, with my coaching skills to help people build resilience and find their path to wellness.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Life Style Medicine.  

Our vision and values

Our vision is to create a society where every single person is equipped with the knowledge and tools and empowered to foster their health, wellbeing and live long, healthy lives, even with a chronic disease. We will work with you with compassion, respect, confidentiality and integrity, always meeting you where your unique needs are taking a holistic, evidence-based, person-centred approach.

In the Empower Clinic we work with

People who want to take a proactive approach to foster their wellbeing through education on prevention and lifestyle changes.

People struggling with stress and on the verge of burnout.

We help and support them to manage stress, improve work-life balance, career performance, and live a joyful, purposeful life.

People with a chronic condition, including cancer.

to support them to feel empowered and in control.

Team performance and resilience in organisations, including health, individual and group wellness and Care.

Helping teams to work effectively and achieve high performance targets by improving individual resilience, burn-out prevention, connectedness to thrive in a competitive, high pace world. We convert the weakest link to the strongest, helping teams build resilience and thrive

Join me in the Empower Clinic today and learn more.

How we in the Empower Clinic help people and teams

Did you know:

  • By 2023, 7 in 10 people aged over 65 are expected to live with multiple health conditions Although people live longer, many of these additional years are spent with health problems, some of which could be prevented through lifestyle interventions, where coaching can help.
    Chronic conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases are common diseases where there is currently no cure. 1 in 3 people in the UK living with at least 1 chronic condition. About 30 per cent of these chronic conditions can be prevented or put on remission through life-style interventions, where coaching can help.
    How? We will help you understand what is causing your ill-health, control your illness and reverse symptoms where possible through sustainable life-style changes, enabling you feel empowered and in control.

  • Cancer is more common than we think, with 1 out of 2 people in the UK developing a cancer during their life span. Despite evolution in cancer treatments, research and lived experience from people with cancer suggests treatment is difficult, associated with many side effects, some of which are long lasting. Coaching can help to improve these. 
    How? We will help you understand the side effects of the treatment, share evidence – based knowledge and the practical tools to make and sustain all changes to achieve your health goals, boost your resilience and self-confidence and live a great life.
    Living with a chronic condition is challenging, but, YES, you can achieve your optimum health goals. Yes, you can. I can help.

  • Burn out amongst employees in health care and beyond is a common phenomenon. Mental health illness in employees with burnout or chronic diseases is 50% higher. Sick absenteeism in employees with burn-out and chronic diseases is quadruple the size compared to others, affecting your team’s performance, morale, and resilience. Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching can help individuals and teams with burn-out prevention and recovery, re-invigorate teams to achieve high performance targets and thrive.

    How? We will help your employees and team with the practical tools to foster their health and wellbeing, strengthen professional relationships understand early signs of burn out, to enable better work-life balance, greater team resilience and high team performance.


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